A downloadable game for Windows

Game Name:  Moncage

Game Description:  Moncage is an adventure puzzle game, where the player will explore a secluded island and an abandoned factory trapped in a mysterious cubic device. Each face of this cubic device will display a different scene. The player will navigate through the island and the factory by finding the connections among the scenes.    

Team Members:  Dong Zhou  Yijia Chen    


Dong Zhou - dong.zhou.dm@hotmail.com 

Yijia Chen -  chenyijia7@gmail.com

StatusIn development


MoncageTestBuild_V0.3.zip 58 MB


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I can help Mac version

Very creative game, come on! I will continue to pay attention

I saw Keith Ballard play this game and it looks great, but when I launched it it was very laggy which I dealt with as i played, but I can't get past the slide box puzzle because by the time I finally line it up the box won't go to the windmill screen.

My computer may not be the best spec wise, but I do hope that the final version allows for optimization. 

On a similar point i wish the arrow keys or WASD could also control the view (assuming they aren't used elsewhere) this may help moments where a shaky hand would mess up players in timed puzzles. 

Thank you so much for the feedback! Actually, this version has no optimization and it may cause problems like this. Sorry for that. Now we are focusing on the design and puzzles but later we will definitely optimize for it! And using the arrow keys or WASD sounds like a good idea! Thanks!

i've played through this demo about 3 times already - it's very good! very soothing and super pretty, i can't wait for the full release!

really interesting game, it feels like a good moderate difficulty, though viewing exactly what can be interacted with makes some parts pretty easy. The only thing I struggled with was finding the correct perspective on a time limit since it looks correct from a perspective where it's not recognised as correct yet.

You can   release a osx version ?? PLZZZZ

The game lacks some optimization now and we will have osx version later. Thanks!

Game looks great, but I got stuck zoomed in on the area with the cactus in the first room and couldn't zoom out again. Also I don't have a middle mouse button!


Thank you for playing our game. Sorry for the bug occurred, and we will look into it. In this build you can also use P to replace the MMB. 


This game looks awesome! Would be pretty cool to try it on the Merge VR (AR) Cube too :) https://mergevr.com/cube

Great game!!Very nice idea and desing, love it!

Really great progress since the build I played 5 weeks ago. Visually better, story elements, extra challenge for the puzzles, awesome work! :) 


Thank you for playing and recording our game. Your support is very much appreciated. We will continue working on the game and bring more content in the future. 

Looking forward to the future. ;) 

this is wonderful! great job on ambience and sfx too...

The V0.3 update is awesome! Is this your NYU Game Center Thesis Project ? i'm curious about the length of the finished version.


Thank you for your interest in Moncage. The length of the finished version will be roughly 1.9-2X length of this demo build. The current build takes a new player roughly 30~ mins to play through.

I gotta say, this is an amazing concept. Keep up the great work!


Thanks for your interests! We are still working on it! Hope we can have a more complete demo on GDC.